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Jon Pohlmann Bio

Jon Pohlmann is a composer living and working in New York City.

In addition to choral music for TTBB and SATB choirs, Jon has written music for theatre, TV, documentaries, silent movies, big band jazz, concert piano, ballet, cabaret and also for his band the Hoi Polloi.

These works have been performed in NYC at venues as disparate as Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center on down to the humblest of off-off Broadway theatres.

Jon studied music theory at Southern Illinois University and received classical training on the trumpet and french horn performing in the PHS Symphonic Band and SIU orchestra. He went on to teach himself how to play piano and guitar and began writing music while living in Southern Illinois.

He moved to New York City in 1976 where he teamed up with writer Jimmy Camicia to create cabaret and theatre productions such as “Off Off and Away” and “Waldorf Salad”.

In 1982, he was engaged to compose music and provide live accompaniment for The Buster Keaton Film Festival at the Thalia Theatre, on Manhattan's Upper West Side. He has continued working with silent films at such venues as The Spencertown Academy, TSL Warehouse, and any place with a white screen (or sheet) and projector.

Jon formed his bluesy rock band, Hoi Polloi, in 1984 to perform and record his music.

In 1990 Jon was commissioned to compose the theme song for the ”Hearts for Ella” all-star tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall. His song was played by what the LA Times called the “greatest jazz band ever assembled” formed by Musical Director Benny Carter.

In 1992 Jon was asked to write the music for an ABC-TV pilot called “The Maintenance Men’s Lounge”. Jon and a reconstituted Hoi Polloi band performed as the Subway Surfers. Jon performed the part of Jon The Disbarred.

In 1998 Jon teamed with Doug Lawrence’s 16 piece Orchestra on a series of big band recordings.

Jon’s current focus on choral composition began with his invitation to join the Mendelssohn Glee Club in 1999. In 2001 he wrote his first choral number “Salvation Army Band Song” which was selected for inclusion in the Mendelssohn Glee Club’s 2003 Spring Concert by conductor Gene Wisoff, and again performed at their winter concert in 2006. The Mendelssohn Glee Club has also performed “Men Of The Maritime” at their 2008 winter concert.

Jon also sings with and composes music for the accapella sextet “L’ Ensemble Classique”, which premiered, “Psalm 130” and “Men of the Maritime” at Convent Avenue Baptist Church under the direction of Minister of Music, Gregory Hopkins.

Jon is married. He and his wife Susan have two talented daughters attending American Universities.
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